Eric Lefkofsky bets on big data techniques to beat cancer

One of the problems that have affected cancer researchers over the last 50 years is the extreme variance in patient outcomes. While one group of patients may be able to live for 10 years with a certain type of cancer and given a certain type of treatment, another group, given exactly the same treatment with exactly the same type of cancer, may only survive for a year or less. The inability of modern cancer researchers to explain all of this variance has led to a number of novel approaches to cancer treatment. One of these, increasingly, is the use of the human genome itself to predict the types of cancers that people will be likely to contract, the best way to treat those cancers and even suggesting cures for various types of the disease.


Eric Lefkofksy is one of the nation’s leading medical philanthropists. After having founded a string of highly successful internet startups, the billionaire has dedicated much of his time and wealth to furthering medical science. This mission of his took a particularly urgent turn when, in 2013, one of his close family members was diagnosed with cancer. Over the course of the next two years, Lefkofsky accompanied his family member to oncology meetings, taking in a broad survey of the state of modern cancer treatment and more information click here.


He was dismayed to discover that many oncologists operating in the most cutting-edge settings lacked even the most rudimentary access to data and means of effective analytics. Lefkofsky realized that many of today’s oncologists had less access to good data and analytics than the typical U.S. truck driver. This led Lefkofsky to start looking into ways in which he could bring the power of big data and the associated analysis techniques to the hands of physicians and oncologists across America and learn more about Eric.


In 2016, Lefkofsky founded Tempus, the first internet startup dedicated solely to creating platforms for the collection and analysis of data specifically for the medical establishment. Already, the results have begun to show. Offices that use Tempus’ technology have seen dramatic improvements in the effectiveness of the treatment they provide and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

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