How Securus Technologies has Penetrated the Corrections Industry

Securus Technologies is a top American company that is recognized for being leading provider state-of-the-art technology-based products to correctional facilities across North America. The firm was founded in 1986 and has currently invented several new products that have transformed the prisons industry. The company offers its services in over 3450 facilities and allows about 1.2 million inmates to communicate with their families and friends. Securus Technologies’s main premises are located in Dallas, Texas, and it has divisions in Atlanta, Allen, and Carrollton. Its products are used by correctional facilities in conducting activities such as investigation, monitoring, communication, biometric analysis, and many others.

The telecommunication company has been appreciated for being the first to invent a product that detects contraband phones that are being used in the prisons. It also boasts of its excellent management access solution that has been installed in five Department of Corrections penitentiaries across the country. Securus also invented the wireless containment solution, which bars illegal cellular devices from using the general network. It collaborated with the Harris Corporation to develop the cell defender technology that was launched in July 2016.

The corporation has strived to improve the services it offers to its clients in the past one decade. It has invested more than $600 million in inventing new technologies, making acquisitions, and filing patents. The company’s main products include the jail management system, wireless contraband elimination, inmate communications, wireless tracking, mobile device monitoring, and video visitation. It also spent $100 million in developing its secure calling platform, and this has enabled to connect more than 400 million calls annually.

Securus Technologies is determined to become the best company in the inmate communication sector. The firm has made sure that all its products are reliable, efficient, affordable, and secure. It is determined to improve service provision in prisons and also connecting inmates with their loved ones.

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