I Was Hacked; What is the Next move?

After I was hacked, I realized that cyber security is important not only to the government or large companies; but also to normal individuals as well. Recently, the rise of cyber attacks has risen, and the costs of these attacks have quadrupled to as high as $500 billion. If the issue of cyber security is not addressed which could have losses that include, stolen money, destroyed data, embezzlement, restoring deleted and hacked information just to mention a few.

Cyber Security is important because the attacks will continue being more and more severe and they can destroy critical information or even sell it. The period that came after I was hacked was filled with uncertainty until I heard of Rubica.

We also have to look at the future impact of cyber security because these days many businesses have digitized data and record, and they even use the internet for electronic funds transfer. Because of this, most businesses have added a security budget to their daily operations.

Why I Use Rubica

Rubica is an app that gets rid of the complexity of cyber security by doing all of the hard work for you, and they use professional analysts to conduct real time analysis from their head office ensuring your data is secure.

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