Keeping Your Dog Happy with Walmart and Beneful

You don’t need to seek out healthy food for your dog in high price specialty stores, you can find the fully balanced nutrition of Beneful at your local area Walmart. Carrying many different options, you can choose from many varieties of both wet and dry Beneful in a full selection of flavors.

Walmart offers the wet type Beneful in tubs and cans in natural flavors your dog will love such as Salmon, Sweet Potatoes, Brown Rice & Spinach. There’s a wide selection of dry Beneful as well, from the small 3.5lb all the way up to the large 40lb bags. The dry food also comes in several dog-approved, tasty flavors as well in a few options such as Healthy Weight for overweight dogs and IncrediBites for small dogs and Playful Life for our more active friends and Beneful’s Website.

Whatever your needs, there’s plenty of Beneful options to be found at Walmart to keep your pet healthy, active and satisfied!

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